May. 1st, 2017

So honored to have this blog featured in such excellent company — as curated by the brilliant, talented, beautiful Robin Renee!!

Raising Voices for Freedom of Expression, Knowledge, and Information

Blog March is ready to launch! We are setting off, each to present something true, important, or moving. I expect some posts will be deeply personal, some intellectual, some coming from anger or frustration, some from the depths and complexities of love, some from simple moments of inspiration. We will hear from distinctly different perspectives. What I believe unites all those taking part in Blog March is that we, in all our diversity, shine a light on the political nature of speaking up. We are insisting on our voices being heard and being known as valid. We raise our voices to insist upon the continued right to express honestly and to receive and share information. We raise our voices for all voices that stand for truths, be they personal or universal.

Please explore the list of my esteemed co-contributors, below …and come back here on Sunday, May 28 to read my contribution!

Monday 5/1   Kevin Patterson at Poly Role Models

Tuesday 5/2 Christiana Gaudet at Dark Forest

Wednesday 5/3 Domino Valando at

Thursday 5/4 Wendy Sheridan at WendyDesigns

Friday 5/5 Mary McGinley at TBA

Saturday 5/6 Cecilia Tan at Why I Like Baseball

Sunday 5/7 Robin Renée at

Monday 5/8 Jason Wendleton at Defending Axl Rose

Tuesday 5/9 David Jamison at Infinite Destiny

Wednesday 5/10 Rorie Kelly at

Thursday 5/11 Susan Billmaier at Susan with Pearls

Friday 5/12 Glenn Walker at Welcome to Hell 

Saturday 5/13 Jazz Goldman at Jazz Knows Stuff 

Sunday 5/14 Julio Cortés at Mind and Body 360

Monday 5/15 Tom Limoncelli at Everything SysAdmin 

Tuesday 5/16 Diana Adams at TBA

Wednesday 5/17 Pandora Scooter at

Thursday 5/18 Amy O’Brien at Dot Calm’s Page of Truth & Sedition

Friday 5/19 Edie Weinstein at The Huffington Post

Saturday 5/20 Marcia Baczynski at Asking for What You Want

Sunday 5/21 Poet On Watch at

Monday 5/22 Kathy Haynie at

Tuesday 5/23 Cmo Love at The Watering Hole

Wednesday 5/24 TBA

Thursday 5/25 Marie Gilbert at Gilbert Curiosities

Friday 5/26 Pamela Means at

Saturday 5/27 Ann Tweedy at TBA

Sunday 5/28 Bob Bruhin at LOVE in the Afternoon

Monday 5/29 JD Stillwater at Run Deep

Tuesday 5/30 TBA

Wednesday 5/31 Jessica A. Walsh at

Source: Blog March… GO! | robin-renee

Karen Bruhin


Dates: May 3-24, 2017
Meets: W from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, 4 sessions
Hours: 8.00
Location: MALT Office, 6601 Greene St.
Instructor: Karen Bruhin
Fee: $49.00

Just as the decks we use are diverse, so are the ways in which we look at the cards. Examine the cards and ways to interpret them, be it through color, symbolism or sheer instinct. Learn the differences between the major and minor arcana as well as how to interpret simple tarot spreads. Please bring a tarot deck to class (preferably Coleman/Waite a.k.a Rider-Waite) or a deck that you have been using for a while.

Enroll: Learning to Read Tarot

Dear CNA members,

Our Annual Spring Meeting & Board Elections are scheduled for Monday, May 8, 2017 at 7:30pm. The public meeting and election will be held in the offices of Azavea, 990 Spring Garden St. – 5th Fl. This year there are six board seats open. Any CNA member current on their dues and who resides or operates a business within the boundaries of the Callowhill Neighborhood Assn. is eligible to run. All positions are held for a period of two years.

Current board members in the middle of their terms who are staying on include:

  • Diana Krasnopolsky

  • Sarah McEneaney – President

  • Melinda Rickard

  • Leah Strenger

  • John Struble

Current board members running for re-election to retain their positions include:

  • Robert Cheetham

  • Joanne Kundrat

  • Joseph Petry – Secretary

  • Dennis Pilsits – Treasurer

  • Gary Rubin

  • Julia Shaw

Please download our Board Nomination Form in Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format. A form must be completed prior to the election. The deadline for submission is Wednesday, May 3, 2017. PLEASE NOTE: to be eligible to run and vote in the election, you must live within the boundaries of CNA and YOUR DUES MUST BE CURRENT AND PAID BEFORE OR UPON SUBMISSION OF THE NOMINATION FORM. This same provision applies to past or present CNA members: in order to vote in the election, dues must be current and you must live within the boundaries of CNA. Associate members are not allowed to cast votes. Dues can be paid via the CNA website.

All completed nomination forms can be returned to CNA at We will post each nomination form to the CNA web site for public viewing as they are received. Nomination forms are attached below in Word doc and PDF format.

Any questions, please contact either Sarah McEneaney or Dennis Pilsits at the gmail address below.


Callowhill Neighborhood Association

Source: Callowhill Neighborhood Assn. 2017 Annual Meeting & Board Elections – ERASERHOOD

Sunday, May 7 at 1 PM – 2:30 PM

The railroads are gone. The factories are closed. The dimness and fear that inspired David Lynch have blown away. What next?

We will visit locations where change is actively happening in the Callowhill District, and discuss the impact of change, both positive and negative, on the neighborhood as both an historic district, and as a vital, living community.

Source: Hope and Change in the Callowhill Industrial Historic District | Jane’s Walk

Panorama 730
Goodman Brothers Building 1238 Callowhill Street Philadelphia, PA Monday, 27 December, 2010 Copyright © 2010, Bob Bruhin. All rights reserved. (via

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